[Xy-pic] problem after 3.7 -> 3.8.1 upgrade

balducci at univ.trieste.it balducci at univ.trieste.it
Fri Jun 18 11:27:45 CEST 2010

Dear Kristoffer,

> It seems that the xypic.map of 3.8.1 was not correctly updated to match 
> the updated .pfb fonts.
> I would be grateful if you can try the following:
> 1. Get the file http://krisrose.net/xypic.map .
> 2. REPLACE your current xypic.map file with the new one.
> 3. REDO all your steps from the beginning.
> 4. TELL me whether it works!

first of all: I really appreciate your and Daniel's kindness and

Unfortunately, the updated version of xypic.map you asked me to try does
not change things here.

If I compile the test source code loading xy with just: \usepackage{xy},
then I get the funny rows of letters (for ps and pdf outputs) even when
your last version of xypic.map replaces the 3.8.1 one.

On the other hand, if I add the dvips option (\usepackage[dvips]{xy})
following Daniel's suggestion, everything works nicely (with both 3.8.1
and latest xypic.map versions).

Before wasting more of your time with this issue, consider that the
origin of the problem might well be some error of mine during
installation of 3.8.1. In this regard: is the problem I find
reproduced by somebody else?

I mean: if you take the test source (reproduced here for convenience):

    %% \usepackage[dvips]{xy} %% with this: everything is OK



and compile it (under 3.8.1) with:

    latex xytest.tex
    dvips -N0 test.dvi

and look at the result with a PS viewer (I use gv): do you see the
same rows of letters in place of the lines? I think this is important to
assess: if I am the only one facing  this issue, then it is evident that
the problem is somewhere here and not in 3.8.1

>From the bottom of my almost total ignorance of fonts etc. I can just
summarize some facts that I hope might be useful for you (apologies is
some are obvious):

-> with 3.7 freshly installed: dvi/ps/pdf are all OK
-> with 3.8.1 freshly installed:
   -> dvi output is OK
   -> ps/pdf output is broken
-> I can switch 3.7 <--> 3.8.1 back and forth and obtain the above
   results reproducibly
-> with 3.8.1 installed: if I only replace xydash10.pfb with
   xydash10.pfb from 3.7 dvi/ps/pdf are all OK
-> with 3.8.1 installed: if I change \usepackage{xy} to
   \usepackage[dvips]{xy}, again everything  works perfectly
-> with 3.8.1 installed: I have noticed that the PS viewer (gv) spends
   remarkably more time (compared with when 3.7 is installed) before
   showing the (broken) figure, as if it was searching for something
   (some font related files?) without success...

I thank you all again for the feedback and for making xy-pic available!


PS: I am happy to send you some examples of the use of xy-pic for chemical
    stuff in a separate mail

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