[Xy-pic] XYpic oztex driver option problem

Ingmar Visser op_visser@macmail.psy.uva.nl
Fri, 05 Oct 2001 15:21:03 +0200

 I use oztex 4.0 running on an iMac, system 9.1. I use xy-pic to make
 diagrams and the like and also use special features that require the
 PostScript back end to work such variable line thickness for example.
 I managed to make a .ps file that prints correctly by invoking
 \xyoption{ps} and \xyoption{dvips}. However, the
 correct pictures do not appear in the OzTeX dvi viewer, also not when
 I invoke the \xyoption{oztex}.
 In particular the following error message is produced:

! Undefined control sequence.
\next@ ...rnoload@ {ps-r}}\OzTeXRotScale@
                                          \installPSrotscale@ \xyPSsh...

l.31 \begin{document}


This also happens even with an empty document.

Anyone familiar with the problem and solved it?


please reply to