[XeTeX] XeTeX - PDF-x1a

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Mon Apr 18 09:41:33 CEST 2016

	Hi Ross,

>>   Unfortunately it's not really possible at the moment; the package pdfx
>> aims at producing different standards of the PDF/A and PDF/X families
>> but is aimed at pdfTeX.  To my knowledge there has been no serious
>> effort to port it to XeTeX.
> There has now!
> I have successfully produced a validating PDF/A-2u document from
> the Serbian version of the TeX-Live documentation for 2015.

  This is excellent news!  Thank you for your effort.

> #1
> What is the name of this primitive please?

  \mdfivesum, for consistency with other XeTeX primitives where the
initial "pdf" has been stripped (not my choice).  See

> Luatex and pdftex have the \pdfminorversion primitive to set the required PDF version. AFAIK there is no way how XeTeX could communicate such a requirement to xdvipdfmx. The only way is to call xelatex -no-pdf ... and xdvipdfmx -V4 ... (default is PDF 1.5 but PDX/x-1a:2003 requires PDF 1.4).

  None has been imagined, indeed.  It would be good to put our heads
together to think about an interface allowing XeTeX and xdvipdfmx to
better communicate with each other, but I'm not really up for it right

> This "-z 0" is needed because the XMP Metadata packet must *not*
> be compressed, but must remain readable as plain text, in UTF-8 encoding.
> With "-z 1" or higher, the Metadata is compressed.
> With  texlive-sr.pdf  the filesize difference is enormous:
>  ~798 kb  with  "-z 1"
> ~10.4 Mb  with  "-z 0"

  That is significant indeed.

> I've been unable to find a way to specify that parts of the generated PDF
> be uncompressed while other parts can be.

  We don't have one at the moment.  How does pdfTeX deal with that?

	Thanks for all your work,


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