[XeTeX] bidi.sty for plain XeTeX

heer heer at u.washington.edu
Sat Dec 22 06:36:10 CET 2012


 	I have here Vafa Khalighi's documentation for his bidi package. 
It has a section on using his bidi package with plain TeX.  He says the 
bidi package is loaded with the command \input bidi, but that command 
doesn't work (at least with my 2009 version of TeX Live) because xetex 
can't find the bidi file.  If I use the command \input bidi.sty xetex 
finds the bidi.sty file for xelatex not xetex. That's why I was wondering 
whether there wasn't another bidi.sty file available for plain xetex.
Perhaps there are other bidi packages available that I do not know of.


On Fri, 21 Dec 2012, Joseph Wright wrote:

> On 21/12/2012 21:52, heer wrote:
>>     Is there a bidi.sty file for plain XeTeX or only for XeLateX? I'd
>> like to be able to use Arabic script in plain XeTeX.
>> Nicholas
> The bidi docs include instructions for using it with plain XeTeX
> (although I'd imagine plain users would tend to 'roll their own').
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