[XeTeX] Access of vertical CJK fonts preceeding with @

Atsuhito Kohda kohda at pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp
Fri Dec 7 04:57:41 CET 2012

Hi, I know this is a ML for XeTeX, but anyway ...

On Fri, 7 Dec 2012 00:03:18 +0100, Gerrit wrote:

> I just wondered if it might be an easy and actually good way to create
> vertical Japanese texts (not just a paragraph or a text box, but the
> entire document): Everything like columns, page break, sections
> etc. would work flawlessly . Incorporating Western text in the text
> would also work without any problems.

TeX Live 2012 includes pTeX/upTeX so if you can install
TeX Live 2012 and you don't need to stick to XeTeX,
I believe pTeX/upTeX would be the best solution for you.

XeTeX is good enough for ordinary Japanese type setting but
for vertical type setting it is not enough as far as I know.

I guess LuaTeX (or Omega etc.) is practically not usable for 
vertical type setting neither.

I'm very sorry if you need a solution with XeTeX.

Best regards,  	      	     2012-12-7(Fri)

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