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this is a custom functionality of the Windows API, a "poor man's" method to get vertical typesetting in "normal" applications which cannot deal with real vertical typesetting. The "vert" feature is different: it provides additional 90 degree rotation for those glyphs which are read better in a horizontal arrangement rotated by 90 degrees. I.e. you use the "vert" feature in a *real* vertcal typesetting context where CJK glyphs occur one under the other, but e.g. for Latin glyphs it makes sense to set them so that the reader has to turn his head to the right. 

So "vert" is completely independent of what you're asking. If XeTeX cannot do "proper" vertical typesetting then perhaps indeed there should be a font selection function that just rotates everything set in that font. I'd rather have such a mechanism exposed than to rely on a non-cross-platform "@" prefix "OS hack" (a hack actually provided by the OS). I don't know whether such mechanism already exists in XeTeX though. Perhaps it does?

Either way, you'd still want to apply the "vert" feature to do additional 90 degree rotation for certain glyphs, or -- if used in the scenario you're proposing -- to actually *un-rotate* them, so they bacome horizontal again. 


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On 06.12.2012, at 22:59, Pander <pander at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> On 2012-12-06 20:59, Gerrit wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Every (or most) Japanese/Chinese font has a version where everything is
>> rotated 90 degrees.
>> For example, MS Mincho has a @MS Mincho version.
>> If you select that font, you would just have to turn the page by 90° and
>> you get a correctly vertically set text.
>> My most basic example is this:
>> \documentclass{scrartcl}
>> \usepackage{fontspec}
>> \setmainfont{MS PMincho}
>> \begin{document}
>> 日本語
>> \end{document}
>> This works. If I use \setmainfont{@MS PMincho} though, I get many many
>> errors (482 to be exact).
>> Is there a way to access the font? Is this maybe because the font is
>> somehow hidden (You can't see them normally, but e.g. Wordpad shows them).
>> Or should I use an Opentype feature instead? I guess that would be
>> cleaner, but is there a feature to rotate everything? For me it seems
>> that the vert feature etc. only changes some glyphs, and not all of them.
> Once I made an overview document of about 160 Japanese fonts, the
> punctuation characters they support and their ability to rotate properly.
> If you want I can send you the PDF in a personal message. This is still
> a document in development. If people are interested in collaborating on
> this to finalise it, please let me know too.
>> Thank you!
>> Gerrit
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