[XeTeX] unusual output

Barbara Shirtcliff bshirt2 at uic.edu
Wed Sep 19 00:55:53 CEST 2007

Jonathan Kew writes:
| On 18 Sep 2007, at 9:52 pm, Barbara Shirtcliff wrote:
| > I'm using xelatex with natbib and bibtex, and, to my great joy, it
| > appears to be working (which means that I can now work with unicode
| > and still have my footnotes work out), but there is a strange message,
| > which is printed at the very top of the pdfs thus produced.  It says
| > "[zf]prepareseRendererATT,ICU"
| This looks like a (slightly garbled -- mistyped?) fragment of macro  
| code from fontspec.sty. It shouldn't be appearing as printed output,  
| though.
| Try simplifying your document (remove all the content except a couple  
| of sentences, and eliminate extra packages) to see if you can either  
| determine some particular package that triggers this, or bring it  
| down to a short example that still misbehaves, and which you can then  
| post for others to test?

Okay, I did just that, step by step, and found the culprit:
\usepackage{fontspec} (and associated commands).  When I take this
out, everything works perfectly (yeah, I know that is not great news).

| >
| > Actually, I'd prefer not to mess with my xetex installation if I don't
| > have to.  I just have the MacPorts version, which has the virtue of
| > being easy to use.
| I'm not familiar with the MacPorts setup, but it's possible that it  
| includes an older version of fontspec (or another package such as  
| xkeyval that it uses), and this is leading to problems.
| What happens if you try a really simple test such as:
|    \documentclass{article}
|    \usepackage{fontspec}
|    \setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text]{Lucida Grande}
|    \begin{document}
|    This is a test.
|    \end{document}
| If that still gives you "strange" text at the start of the PDF, then  
| something is fundamentally broken in your installation; if not, then  
| I suspect an interaction with some other package(s) you're using;  
| experimentation will be needed to determine exactly which.
| JK

I did the simple test as suggested, and had even more stuff added to
the pdf, which I've attached, here.  I guess this means that my
installation is pretty bad.  I'm just starting to get xetex going,
here, and I don't know how all of these file types work.  I've found a
newer fontspec at CTAN.  How should I process these files?  My
fontspec.sty says it was generated with the docstrip utility, but I
don't see that I have that, here.

Thanks for your help,

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