[XeTeX] "[zf]prepareseRendererATT,ICU"

Barbara Shirtcliff bshirt2 at uic.edu
Tue Sep 18 16:22:47 CEST 2007


I'm using XeLaTeX with natbib and bibtex, and, to my great joy, it
appears to be working (which means that I can now work with unicode
and still have my footnotes work out), but there is a strange message,
which is the text of this subject line, at the very top of the pdfs
thus produced.  I'm using the style file ChicagoNB.bst---the closest
approximation that I have found to Turabian style footnotes.

I'll try updating my XeTeX to the "bleeding edge," but, meanwhile, if
anyone has any idea why I'm getting this message on my documents, ....

Bar Shirtcliff

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