[XeTeX] colour \specials not working with xdvipdfmx driver?

Paul Howson paul-lists at tdgq.com.au
Wed Sep 12 07:24:43 CEST 2007

On 12/09/2007, at 10:51 AM, caapv 208 wrote:

> The syntax is wrong.
> \special{color push [color specification]}

Thanks for explaining that. I have tried this syntax and pushing and  
popping of colors now works correctly, with no error messages.

>> I don't understand. If one is just switching colors
>> with:
>> \special{color rgb R G B}
>> then why is anything being pushed onto a color
>> stack? I would have
>> thought it necessary to explicitly use
>> \special{color push ... to get
>> something pushed on a stack?
> Sorry, my mistake.  I will debug it later.

By using the correct syntax for pushing and popping of colors, the  
error is avoided. However, it does still appear to be a bug to be  
tracked down.

Thanks for the help.

Paul Howson.

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