[XeTeX] OpenType fonts not found by xdvipdfmx on linux

Paul Howson paul-lists at tdgq.com.au
Tue Sep 11 22:53:32 CEST 2007

Another question for Jonathon please.

I am trying to get a document typesetting with xetex/xdvipdfmx on  
linux (Red Hat).

This document was developed and works perfectly with xetex on MacOS.

(See the separate messages about colour specials).

We also have strange problems with fonts and I'd appreciate a  
suggestion for how to fix it.

The document uses the Adobe Myriad Pro opentype font family, with  
font declarations like this:

	\font\freporttitle="Myriad Pro" at 17pt
	\font\freporttitlename="Myriad Pro Semibold" at 18pt
	\font\fbold="Myriad Pro Bold" at 10pt

On MacOS these just work -- both xetex and the (xdv2pdf ?) driver  
find the correct fonts, the file names of which are:


On Linux (using fontconfig) however, the Regular and Bold versions  
work, but the Semibold version doesn't. Xetex does not complain. But  
xdvipdfmx does complain that it cannot find the Semibold font.

Obviously both xetex and xdvipdfmx have some kind of font name  
resolution algorithms which try to match font specs with available  
fonts. xetex must find a match for each font I guess, otherwise it  
could not typeset the document.

But xdvipdfmx must work differently???

How would one begin to debug and fix this problem?

Paul Howson

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