[XeTeX] no pdf?

John Was john.was at ntlworld.com
Fri Sep 7 15:26:04 CEST 2007

Hello Bruno

The Mac seems to have won out yet again (I really must take the plunge!).

I run it from the command line, but haven't yet made the adjustment 
recommended ages ago by Jonathan which would generate the PDF in the same 
directory as the source file (at present it pops up in the same directory as 
the XeTeX program itself).  That's just a matter of my own housekeeping, 
though, and it couldn't (I think) make any difference to the situation.

Does the Mac keep you on the page you are viewing already, incidentally? 
That's what I'm used to in DVIWindo, but with XeTeX I obviously get the 
first page of the PDF on screen when I call up the newly generated version.



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Le 7 sept. 07 à 14:41, John Was a écrit :

> A possibly related phenomenon that I've found quite irritating is
> that after
> producing a PDF in XeTeX I (naturally) call it up onscreen and scroll
> through looking for glitches, and when I find one I of course go
> back to the
> input file, make appropriate changes, and rerun XeTeX.  The
> irritation is
> that if I don't remember to note the page number of the PDF
> containing the
> glitch and then close the file, no new PDF is generated.
> [...]
> This may just be a matter of my getting used to a different modus
> operandi,
> but I suspect I'm not the only one who regularly says 'Oh damn' upon
> realizing that I've left the PDF open.  I'm used to Y&Y's DVIWindo
> in my old
> TeX setup (which I still mainly use, quite separate from the TL
> one), which
> refreshes the display as soon as it realizes the source file has
> changed, so
> I guess I've been pampered, but if there's some ready solution I
> think it
> would be worth applying (or offering as an optional default).

You said in a separate message that your OS is Windows XP. How, then,
are you running XeTeX? Is this with WindEdt or TexnicCenter as front-
end, and MikTeX or TeXLive as TeX distribution? Or are you running
XeTeX from the command line?

Your description of the way you run XeTeX seems fairly esoteric to
me. I'm a Mac user, and on the Mac the TeXShop front end allows to
run XeTeX in exactly the way you're willing it to run (i.e. with
automatic PDF refresh after each typesetting). But maybe I'm missing

Bruno Voisin

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