[XeTeX] no pdf?

John Was john.was at ntlworld.com
Fri Sep 7 14:41:24 CEST 2007

A possibly related phenomenon that I've found quite irritating is that after 
producing a PDF in XeTeX I (naturally) call it up onscreen and scroll 
through looking for glitches, and when I find one I of course go back to the 
input file, make appropriate changes, and rerun XeTeX.  The irritation is 
that if I don't remember to note the page number of the PDF containing the 
glitch and then close the file, no new PDF is generated.

Unless there's some obvious way round this, I would ideally want either

(1) the PDF file I'm on to be closed automatically when the program realizes 
that a PDF file of that name is open, and replaced by the new one;

or (possibly even more helpful)

(2) a new PDF file to be created when the program realizes that a PDF file 
of that name is open , possibly with something like '-1', '-2', etc. added 
to the name.

This may just be a matter of my getting used to a different modus operandi, 
but I suspect I'm not the only one who regularly says 'Oh damn' upon 
realizing that I've left the PDF open.  I'm used to Y&Y's DVIWindo in my old 
TeX setup (which I still mainly use, quite separate from the TL one), which 
refreshes the display as soon as it realizes the source file has changed, so 
I guess I've been pampered, but if there's some ready solution I think it 
would be worth applying (or offering as an optional default).


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> On 7 Sep 2007, at 12:08 pm, Willem wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I recently installed the texlive-distribution, the complete thing
>> installed (so usr/local/texlive), with TeXshop and XeTeX. TeXshop
>> appears to work as usual (following the instructions for the
>> preferences), and tells me that it wrote the fielename.pdf away.
>> However, no pdf appears in a separate window, nor is there any pdf-
>> file
>> on my drive. Any advice?
> It sounds like an output driver problem of some kind.... xetex
> reports "Output written to ...." in faith, trusting that the driver
> will do as it's told, but if the driver crashes then you won't
> actually get a file.
> Could you copy & paste the actual console output of the run? I
> suspect there may be some clues there.
> What happens if you try running it from the command line in a
> Terminal window, rather than through TeXShop?
> JK
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