[XeTeX] full bibtex reference in the text

Manuel Souto Pico m.soutopico at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 14:22:23 CEST 2007


I know this is not a question directly related to XeTeX (but about
bibtex) but here it goes. I assume it's okay, otherwise please let me

I would like to know if bibtex can generate a complete bibliographical
reference (such as those that bibtex at the end of the document in the
Referneces chapter) but I would like it to do so in the text, and I
would like to generate just one reference (not all). That is, instead
of putting \citet{Gomez2002} to get Gómez (2002), I'm looking for
something like \citefull{Gomez2002} to get Gómez, M. (2002) "Title of
the Article" In Book-such-and-such. Town: Publisher.

Is it possible to do that or must I do write the full reference by hand?

Thank you very much, Manuel

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