[XeTeX] Typesetting a mind map

caapv 208 caapv208 at yahoo.co.jp
Thu Sep 6 02:31:57 CEST 2007

OK, here is an (un)improvement update.
Instead of placing nodes at exact positions, you can use
nodesep option of the special coordinate system.
I have also attempted some *MANUAL* fine tuning of the
text layout, which of course is not necessary if you let
TeX compiler to measure boxes.

And, let me repeat the installation process for PSTricks
- xdvipdfmx driver shipped with TeXLive2007 is too old,
  you have to upgrade;
- pstricks.con file for the said driver must be in the
  search path of TeX compiler;
- distiller_template option must be properly configured
  in dvipdfmx.cfg.


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