[XeTeX] A general suggetion for managing the fontselectionformixed-language document

Stephen Moye stephenmoye at mac.com
Sat Sep 1 17:23:54 CEST 2007

On Sep 1, 2007, at 10:39 AM, Cyril Niklaus wrote:

> Hi all,
> On 1 sept. 07, at 23:31, John Was wrote:
>> \/}\kern 0.05em :
>> at the junction between italic and a following roman colon, for  
>> example.
> I've always wondered about this, but I usually just put the  
> following punctuation mark in italics as well, as it seems easier  
> to me. Is it actually wrong in terms of typography ?
> Cyril
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The _U. of Chicago Manual of Style_ says, twice (5.4 and 6.60), that  
punctuation should be in the same font as the letter(s) that  
immediately precede it. The exception is brackets and parentheses. So  
it should be \emph{Wow!} and not \emph{Wow}!

Stephen Moye

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