[Tugindia] Problems with footnotes in devnag

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Sat Dec 10 12:22:51 CET 2005

Amuthan Arunkumar <aparyap at gmail.com> writes:

> Dear members,
> I'm having some problems creating footnotes in devanaagari using the
> "devnag" package. The main text in devanaagari seems to have no problems.
> But the footnotes that appear are quite bad. Is this a bug in "devnag" or is
> there some way to overcome it?

I think footmisc.sty offers a footnote environment that would get
around that.

You could also try the bigfoot package from Sarovar: while it is still
not ready for release, being able to deal with catcode changes in
footnotes (and I presume that's what happens to be the problem here)
is one of its features.

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