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Thanks Jay,
But how do I position the logo to exactly where I want it?
I want the logo on the first page right below my name and where it says
"Submitted in partial fulfillment..."
The title page is being made by the \maketitle command. I tried
the logo right after \author{myname}with \begin{figure}[!h] and all
combinations too [!],[htbp],[tbp], but no joy.

Help pls.....

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Try the following code:
I have redefined the  maketitlecommand.
The logo is included after the comment
`Include logo here'. You can try to change the position. 
Don't use figure command here.  Latex will not place the 
figure at the exact position, but in a position 
where it finds convenient.
May be very ugly, but it should work!
%Load the uiucthesis class
%Load the graphicx package
    \if at thesiscrpage
        \vskip 3ex % skip to visually center copyright notice
    \ifnum \@ptsize=2
        \newcommand{\thesis at small}{\small}
        \newcommand{\thesis at small}{\@normalsize}
    \headheight=0pt \headsep=0pt
    \advance\@tempdima by -\textwidth
    \divide\@tempdima by 2
    \advance\@tempdima by -1in
    \newdimen\thesis at dim
    \if at edeposit
        \thesis at dim=1.25in
        \thesis at dim=1.75in
    \if at largecaps
        \def\lc at selectfont{\fontshape{lc}\selectfont}%
        \def\lc at selectfont{}%
    \if at edeposit\else
        \vbox to 1.25in{}
    \vbox to \thesis at dim{%
        {\lc at selectfont\@Utitle}
        \if at thesisdraft
    \vbox to 2in{%
        {\lc at selectfont BY}\\[12pt]
        {\lc at selectfont\@Uauthor}\\[12pt]
    \vbox to 0.5in{\thesis at volume\vfil}
    \vbox to 2.5in{%
        {\lc at selectfont \@thesisname}\\[12pt]
%include logo here
        \includegraphics{my_logo.eps} \\
        Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements\\
        for the degree of \@degree\ in \@dept\\
        in the \@college\ of the\\
        University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, \@degreeyear\vfil}
    \if at edeposit
        \vbox to 2.1in{
        \hspace*{-\oddsidemargin}\parbox[t]{6.5in}{\thesis at small%
        * The Certificate of Committee Approval is not part of
        deposited electronically through the Graduate College of the
        of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A copy of the original
Certificate of
        Committee Approval is permanently archived with the student's
        \vskip -2ex
        Urbana, Illinois
Best regards,

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