[Tugindia] Trouble with fonts

Piyush P Kurur ppk at imsc.res.in
Thu Dec 8 16:07:14 CET 2005

Dear TUGers,

	I seem to have some trouble using Metafont and LaTeX. 
I could not locate two mathematical symbols and decided to design 
it myself as an exercise in mf.  However I am unable to use it.  The font 
seems to be working if I load it as a text font using either the plain 
TeX method (i.e. using \font\myfont=...) or using the \newfont{.}{} (LaTeX).
However when I use it as a math symbol font it is too small.  The entire
source is available  at http://www.imsc.res.in/~ppk/mysymbols.tar.gz.
I believe the bug is some where in the mysymbols.sty file the entire
contents of which is given below.

Thanks in advance.


File  mysymbols.sty


\DeclareFontShape{U}{mysym}{m}{n}{<-> mysymbols10}{}



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