[Tugindia] chapterbib package: table contents

Biplab Raychaudhuri biplabr at rediffmail.com
Mon Dec 27 09:12:54 CET 2004

 > Sir,

> ***************************************
> I am writing my dissertation for Ph. D. in physics and facing the
following problems. I first write the structure and then the problem.
> \documentclass[book]
> \usepackage{.......} %several 
> \usepackage{chapterbib}
> \begin{document}
> \tablecontents
> \chapter{chap1}
> \include{chap1}
> ..... etc. 
> .......etc.
> \appendix
> \include{appendix1}
> \include{appendix2}
> \include{bibliography} %complete one, with \nocite{*} command.
> \end{document}
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%

At the end of each included file, I put these commands
%place 1
%place 2

 The problem is that though reference is printed at the end of each chapter as usual but this does not come to the table of contents.
If I put this command 

the reference comes to the toc but with wrong page no. If I put it in "place 1"   previous page no is printed in the toc while in "place 2" I get the last page no of the references list.
Suggest any way out.
Biplab Raychaudhuri



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