[Tugindia] Re: latex error with old file

Sivaram Neelakantan tugindia@tug.org
06 Nov 2002 17:20:15 +0530

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> .... is not a valid hyperref option.

sorry, I had removed all the options and replaced with the dots.

    >> \renewcommand{\headheight}{60pt} %% must be large enough for
    >> graphic \renewcommand{\textheight}{540pt}

    > \headheight and \textheight are not macros, but lengths.  You
    > set them with \setlength, not \renewcommand.

right, that fixed it! thanks

    >> And when I look at the generated pdf, the headrule has "60pt"in
    >> letters next to the left header.  This file came out properly
    >> with the 2000/2001?  version of cygwin tetex but now it's not.

    > This would not have worked with any version of LaTeX, ever.

Actually, it did!  I have a whole bunch of latex files(the
corresponding pdf files without the error) having \renewcommand
instead of \setlength.  For some of them, I still have the log files
which I can send to you if you'd really like to get to the bottom of
this.  The thing is, I had never used koma-script before and so
plagiarised :) the preamble from some website and tinkered with it
just enough to get the logo in the top right corner.  To do that, I
had, by trial and error set the headheight to 60pt.  And I had never
faced a problem on my old tetex setup.


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