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Dear Prabir,
  WinEdt can be configured to invoke Yap as a viewer for DVI files by specifying its full path in one of the Configuration menus. Please search for it. Yap must have been installed along with your MiKTeX installation.

  I have a few suggestions:

1. Try TeXnicCenter available free from http://www.toolscenter.org. It automatically recognises an existing MiKTeX installation and sets all the configurations itself. It also has more features. It does not give annoying interruptions afetr the 30 day demo period, as WinEdt does.

2. Perhaps, generating PDF files using pdflatex may be a better option rather than generating DVI files. Of course you will need Acrobat Reader (but then who doesn't have it nowadays). This format is more universally portable compared to DVI.

  All the best.

Satish Annigeri
Asst. Prof. of Civil Enggg.
B.V.B. College of Engg. & Tech., Hubli 580 031 Karnataka
--------Original Message -------
I have a little problem (hope so). I use Winedt frontend for 
LaTex. The programme is getting compiled but unbale to see the 
output in DVI as it is not coming. Always some other DVI (demo...) 
etc is appearing.

What could be the reason?


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