[tldistro] kpathsea/c-auto.h should be installed

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Mar 18 23:55:09 CET 2017

    should be in nodist_kpseinclude_HEADERS rather than
    kpseinclude_HEADERS, since it shouldn't be part of a source tarball.

Yeah, I thought about that, but then figured, what the heck, I'm never
going to make a source tarball anyway, so might as well go with what
worked for you.
    Also, I see that it's currently in nodist_kpselib_HEADERS, which
    makes no sense to me.  

As I recall, Peter's idea was that c-auto.h is architecture dependent.

    Why should a header be installed in a lib
    directory, where it will never be found by any #include?  
I don't know how, or if, it ever worked. Probably not.

    Moreover, it's the only file installed in kpselibdir, so the latter
    is not needed.

Sounds good to me.

    I think the following patch fixes things up:

Installed, thanks. -k

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