[tlbuild] Build script "improvements"

Olaf Weber olaf at infovore.xs4all.nl
Wed May 21 18:46:09 CEST 2008

Karl Berry writes:

> Hi Olaf,
>     A peculiarity of the IRIX build is that I have to do some fixups after
>     the configure run 

> Can we fix the actual problems needing the "fixups"?

Not all may be fixable.

>       ./Build --no-clean --no-configure --no-make
>     Is this considered worth checking in?

> I don't mind in principle, but in detail:

> 1) it's time to switch the option parsing to the usual case..esac
>    instead of the kludgy $1 tests.

> 2) I find the double negatives for the various (TL_NO_{CONFIGURE,MAKE})
>    confusing.  How about making them positive (TL_DO_...).

> 3) I wonder about using "true" instead of separate flags with 1/0
>    flags that have to be tested.  I mean, to get --no-configure, set
>    TL_CONFIGURE to "true".

> Wdyt?

Sounds like some good ideas.

> Anyway, feel free to check in what you want and I'll munge it if I feel
> the need :).

> Thanks,
> k

Olaf Weber

               (This space left blank for technical reasons.)

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