[tlbuild] FreeBSD 7.0 i386 and xindy

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Fri May 16 10:01:09 CEST 2008

"ML" == Manfred Lotz writes:

 ML> don't know how to make wI. Stop

> i reproduced this error on freebsd. a workaround is: before building
> xindy and/or texlive, run "export MAKE=gmake"

> i'll try to understand and fix the problem so that the above workaround
> is not necessary.

i fixed the problem in the texlive repository. please try to re-build.

pass MAKE env. var. to clisp-link, so ordrules/link.sh will use the
proper make.

without this, there was a problem e.g. on FreeBSD and OpenBSD when using
gmake to build xindy, which was setting MAKEFLAGS=w but ordrules/link.sh
was calling "make" (because MAKE was not passed to it), and "make" was
breaking because of the MAKEFLAGS variable, thinking it is a target to


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