[tlbuild] clisp building on alpha-linux

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri May 16 08:44:00 CEST 2008

On Do, 15 Mai 2008, Vladimir Volovich wrote:
> is there a debian clisp package for linux-alpha:

;-) Thanks, I uploaded these packages sponsoring Jörg's work ;-) That's
the reason I put Jörg on Cc in the hope that he might know something.

> so they're able to build it, and are probably applying some patches to
> do that.

The problem is that these are builds on Debian sid and testing, not
sarge. That means: different libc, different gcc, ...

And I would prefer to have bins build on sarge for distribution in the
TL repository.

Best wishes


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