[texworks] CPU use (just from editor, not compiling or viewing PDF)

Koleman Strumpf cigar at ad.unc.edu
Mon Nov 20 22:19:34 CET 2017


I just installed TexWorks with MikTex on a newish laptop (specs below). 
It gerenally runs ok and has no problems compiling. However, when I 
leave the editor open there is a persistent CPU use of around 3% (and 
sometimes climbing upto 10%); this starts the moment I open the file. 
Note the PDF viewer is not open and I am not compiling anything it is 
just the editor. This occurs for every TEX file I have opened. Note 
however if I just open TexWorks and do not open a TEX file (so there is 
nothing in the editor), there is no CPU use.

I am guessing that I have set some option incorrectly but for the life 
of me I cannot figure out which one. Does anyone have a suggestion on 
what I might try? Thanks for any assistance!

My setup:
Windows 10 Pro x64
Dell Precision 5510 (Xeon, E3-1505M @2.80Ghz; 32G RAM)
TexWorks 0.6.2 (MikTex 2.9.6350)


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