[texworks] Setting TEXINPUTS (or similar functionality)

Joel C. Salomon joelcsalomon at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 18:27:14 CET 2017


I’ve got a project with a few books in a series, with some common files
across all books. The directory structure looks something like this:

├─ series.cls
├─ myfont12.clo
├─ common-file.tex
├┬ book1/
│├ book1.tex
│├ chapter-1.tex
│├ …
│└ chapter-n.tex
└┬ book2/
 ├ …

I could use relative paths in `\documentclass` and `\input` commands,
but the .clo file (used for custom fonts with Memoir) seems to need to
be in the same directory as the main file. I also could move book-n.tex
into the root directory and use `\subimport` from

But I’m hoping to keep the root directory cleaner and I was wondering
whether there might just be an option in one of the `% !TEX` magic
comments to add a directory to the TEXINPUTS environment variable.

—Joel C. Salomon

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