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Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Jun 15 02:51:27 CEST 2017

On 2017-06-14 at 22:19:10 +0000, Alaa Haroun wrote:

 > It's there but it keep me telling me this:
 > "
 > Runaway argument?
 > sty $ \pgfrcs at marshal [\pgf at rcsdate \space \pgf at rcsadditional \space \ETC.
 > ! Paragraph ended before \pgf at parseid was complete.
 > <to be read again> 
 >                    \par 
 > l.3 
 > ?
 > "
 > Until I abort the typsetting 

Just a few notes.

 > Runaway argument?

means that a closing brace is missing.

 > <to be read again> 
 >                    \par 

means that the error is detected at the end of a paragraph.  But this
is normal because TeX usually aborts at the end of a paragraph if
braces within a paragraph don't match.  This makes sense because TeX
doesn't know how to proceed and would bother you with zillions of
other error messages otherwise.

 > l.3 

means that the error was detected in the third line of a file.  In
order to find out to which file this line refers it's necessary to
consult the log file.

One cause of the error could be a bug in beamer.cls or related files.
However, many people are using beamer and you are the first one who
reported this problem.

Thus I recommend that you check your document first carefully.  Maybe
you can use the program lacheck on the command line.

  lacheck my_beamer_presentation.tex

lacheck is a LaTeX syntax checker and supposed to detect mismatched
braces and other problems.  I don't know whether lacheck is provided
by MiKTeX and whether

  texdoc lacheck

works there.  It's supported by TeX Live at least.

If you are sure that your document is syntactically correct, try to
find out _where_ in your document the error occurs.  Comment out
portions of your document (precede each line with %) until there is
only one slide which doesn't work.  Maybe you can even comment out
more lines within this slide.

If you can provide a minimal example which shows the error,


please send us the file.  But since this problem isn't related to
TeXworks in any way, please move the discussion to the texhax mailing


which is more appropriate for general questions about TeX and LaTeX. 

BTW, at the TUG-2017 conference Barbara Beeton explained in detail how
to locate errors in LaTeX files.  I really hope that the conference
paper will be available online soon.


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