[texworks] Missing packages

Alaa Haroun 201350121 at uaeu.ac.ae
Wed Jun 14 16:59:15 CEST 2017

Yes, I went to the miktex package manager and downloaded them, but now when I make any change in my beamer presentation or pdf paper, I cant view the change nor get a result, it keeps compiling with no result 

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Alaa Haroun schrieb am 2017-06-14 um 09:21:
> I'm finding a problem installing missing packages in TexWorks , it's 
> the beamer.cls file and the cite.sty , I tried from a the internet and 
> chose the nearest destination to my location but not success, can 
> anyone help. I have to submit this paper for a conference and It's 
> killing me.
Die You try to start the MiKTeX-Paket-Manager by hand?


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