[texworks] Feature suggestions, and possible bug report

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Aug 19 16:48:03 CEST 2016

Currently using V0.6.1

Feature requests :

(1) Optional configurable grid
(2) Optional draggable guides, which will automatically replicate themselves as overlays on all pages once set
(3) Optional loose interpretation of <space> in search string without requiring the use of regexps, such that

    Search for: "x y"

will match not only "x y" but also "x  y" (two or more spaces), "x~y" (unbreakable space), "x<newline>y" and any combination thereof.  Possibly complemented by a "Define space" feature so that one could easily add to the list of things that are treated as spaces in search string (e.g., "≈", which I routinely use as a shorthand for a thin space).

Possible bug report.

At V4.x, progressive compilation remained visible and active in the transcript pane, displaying (in the absence of anything else) consecutive page numbers in square brackets.  At V5+, compilation appears to "freeze" after a number of pages, and nothing then appears in the transcript window until the compilation has completed.  This also appears to seriously impact other processes in the system.  Environment :  Windows 7 Ultimate, 16Gb RAM.

** Phil.

Philip Taylor
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