[texworks] Call for Help: Translations

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 01:19:18 CET 2016


On 22.03.2016 12:01, Wojciech Myszka wrote:
> I'm almost ready with Polish translation. There are still some
> untranslated strings in trans/qt subdirectory. Should I try to
> translate them?

Great! Ideally, you could send me what you have now and then translate
the remaining strings. That way, I have a reasonably up-to-date version
to work with right now (though I definitely won't do the release until
this weekend - more probably some time next week; so there should be
enough time to finish the translations).

> On the other hand I wonder if someone can remind me where to copy
> compiled translation files to test them with texworks?

It should be enough to put them in a folder called "translations" inside
TeXworks' resource folder (see
- though you may need to create it if it does not exist - and restart


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