[texworks] Call for Help: Testing for the upcoming release

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 12:51:21 CET 2016

Hi Phil,

On 13.03.2016 04:45, Philip Taylor wrote:
>>> 1) Two-page view allows only the option "two-page continuous" -- if one
>>> has selected 2-page view with "Fit to page", then although spreads are
>>> normally displayed as desired, taking a hyperlink from the T-o-C to an
>>> arbitrary page results in the spread being displaced vertically upwards
>>> on the screen, and a small part of the following spread being visible
>>> below.
>> Please note that links in PDFs can specify a particular view to jump to
>> (e.g., zoomed in on a particular part of a graphic or whatever). In many
>> cases, they will actually specify the point where the real heading is
>> (which could be in the middle of a page) and Tw will therefore jump to
>> that location and will therefore scroll in such a way that the actual
>> anchor point (headline) is in the top left corner (if possible), in
>> compliance with the PDF standard.
> OK, that could be what is happening.  But in single page "show all"
> view, it does not; following the hyperlink causes the target page to be
> displayed such that all the content is visible rather than with the
> target location in the top-left corner of the screen.  I have just
> re-tested using both the Table of Contents (where one could reasonably
> expect the target to be a page rather than an element of a page) and the
> Index (where the target could indeed be a page element rather than a
> page per se) and the behaviour is identical :  the target page is
> displayed displaced vertically upwards (IFF there is following material
> that will allow the spread to scroll vertically) in two-page continuous
> mode.  Also, testing using the Index entries for "Wood, Joy" (11) and
> "Thomas, Liz" (11) causes the page to be displayed identically for both,
> whereas in reality Joy Wood appears approximately 1/3 of a page higher
> on page 11 than Liz Thomas, suggesting that it is not a place-specific
> PDF target that is the cause.

I tested this a little further now. In my case, The ToC links do jump
such that the headline I clicked on is at the top of the screen (even if
that means halfway down the page; provided there is sufficient space or
a high enough zoom level for the view to scroll that far). The links in
the index interestingly lead me to the header line (which, in my case,
contained the page number; I think that's coincidental, though, as it
always jumped to the top left corner even if the page number was
right-aligned). I guess the reason is that you could have the same
indexed thing mentioned several times on one page but still have it show
up in the index only once, so there is no general way to actually link
it to that specific word/place on the page. I'm wondering if you have
the same situation, but it's hard to say without an example pdf.

So I assume hyperref places page links (as used in the index) in the top
left corner (but inside the page margins), whereas "content links" (as
used in the ToC) should be placed where the actual content is.
One thing you can try is to zoom in a lot before clicking on the links.
That way, it should be easy to determine where the anchor is that Tw
jumps to (and avoiding any adjustments Tw might make, e.g., to stay on a
page, etc.).


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