[texworks] Call for Help: Testing for the upcoming release

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 20:16:55 CET 2016


On 11.03.2016 23:00, Otared Kavian wrote:
> I just downloaded and tested the latest version of TeXWorks (Version 0.5 (travis-ci) [r.b9e7fa5, 12/03/16 00:09]).

Thanks :).

> Everything seems to work smoothly (apart from the window which appears when opening a source file saying
> 	Script "Babel language": ReferenceError: Can't find variable: target
> which complains about not finding a target with Babel, about which we exchanged some messages).

You could also try disabling the problematic scripts from Scripts >
Scripting TeXworks > Manage Scripts (instead of removing the culprit
file from wherever it is hiding).

> Also I was surprised to see how SyncTeX used with ConTeXt is more precise than TeXShop when one goes from the source file to the PDF by Command-Clicking on the former. However, when one wants to go from the PDF to the source file, the Command-Click results in an error message saying
> 	Cannot read file "/Users/kavian/Documents/Documents-OK/Enseignement/Licence-Versailles/Math-201/Notes-de-cours":
> 	file to open is a directory
> I should say that the path given above is the path to the folder (in Mac terms…), or directory, where both my source file and the PDF file created by TeXWorks reside. In any case I should say that the synctex file is created by TeXWorks.

The SyncTeX file is most likely created by ConTeXt, not by Tw (Tw only
uses it).
Anyway, could you send me a minimal example (.tex, .pdf, .synctex) that
causes this error as I can't reproduce it on my machine at the moment
and would like to have a look at the synctex file in particular.

> Another issue on which I reported previously is partly solved: now, when Command-Clicking on the name of the window of the source file shows the hierarchy of the folders in which the file resides, but this doesn not open a Finder window to access to the folder and the file in the Finder (normally it should). But the PDF window shows only the name « untitled.pdf », instead of the correct name of the PDF file, and shows a path going to the Applications folder where my copy of TeXWorks resides… 
> Clearly there is still an issue with these Mac features and TeXWorks.

Interesting, as I did not change anything in the code that should affect
this issue (AFAIK).
Anyway, does the PDF window show "untitled.pdf" always, or only if you
click on it to get the context menu?


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