[texworks] Call for Help: Testing for the upcoming release

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sat Mar 12 10:55:02 CET 2016

Stefan Löffler wrote:

> I'm sorry about the confusion. There are a few ways to access the latest
> files. Probably the easiest is to click on "Files" and download the
> latest one.
> Technically, everything is split into versions, so you'd could also go
> to the latest version (shortcut:
> https://bintray.com/texworks/Windows-latest/TeXworks-for-Windows%3Alatest/_latestVersion),
> go to "Files" there, and download the one that is listed.

Excellent, I did that and it is now installed and up and running.
Perhaps I might repeat my comments on the earlier version (the first
version to offer "facing page" view) and add a few new ones.  "[new]" in
the following means "new report from me", not (necessarily) "new
behaviour not experienced with previous versions".  "[NEW]" means
"new behaviour not experienced with previous versions"

0) [new, NEW, IMPORTANT] The preview no longer remembers the page and
view visible across compilations; it now opens at logical page 1 after a
re-compilation whereas it used to re-open at the previously selected
page and view.  This is a major regression.

1) Two-page view allows only the option "two-page continuous" -- if one
has selected 2-page view with "Fit to page", then although spreads are
normally displayed as desired, taking a hyperlink from the T-o-C to an
arbitrary page results in the spread being displaced vertically upwards
on the screen, and a small part of the following spread being visible
below. Could "two-page view" be unbundled from "continuous" so that
taking a hyperlink to an arbitrary page will result in the target spread
still being correctly positioned on the screen (all visible, no other
spread visible) ?

2) With the advent of 2-page view, a new default magnification is needed
: "Fit to spread"

3) When opening a file from an existing TeXworks window, could TeXworks
open the new file with the same size and placement as the one from which
it has been opened.  My normal workspace layout is :

 o Master TeX file top left
 o Current XML file bottom left
 o PDF preview right.

If I open the next XML file in sequence from the previous one, instead
of adopting the sizing and positioning data of the current one, it opens
to full height, and I then have to re-size it in  order to restore the
visibility of the master TeX document.   It would be nice if it adopted
the geometry of the window from which it was opened.

4) [new] "Actual size" (for my test case, at least : A6) does not
display at actual size on screen; there would seem to need to be
configuration parameter that one can vary in order to get "Actual size"
to be correct; presumably once set, such a parameter would then continue
to have the desired effect regardless of \pdfpagewidth/height
until/unless the monitor size and/or screen resolution were changed.

5) [new] "Shift-magnify" re-positions the displayed content that appears
to bear no relationship to the position of the cursor at the time that
"shift-magnify" was used; it would be more intuitive (and more useful)
if "shift-magnify" ensure that the previous cursor position remained
visible and (ideally) centered the newly zoomed page around the previous
cursor position.

6) [new] A test file yields (in the log) :

Overfull \hbox (0.58942pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 20--20
[]\bodyfont brian.smith0000 at btinternet.com[]  |

With "Hide console window" set to either "Automatic" or "On success",
this error message disappears; could TeXworks detect the presence of
overfull box messages in the log and treat them as errors ?

More later if/when I find them.
Philip Taylor

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