[texworks] Call for Help: Testing for the upcoming release

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 00:18:21 CET 2016


On 11.03.2016 03:51, Philip Taylor wrote:
>> I want to elicit your help in testing the current
>> version of TeXworks. Up to date precompiled binaries are currently
>> available for the following operating systems:
>>  * Windows:
>> https://bintray.com/texworks/Windows-latest/TeXworks-for-Windows%3Alatest/view
> I am very keen to assist with the testing of this, as I rely on TeXworks
> and use it every day, but the hosting site setup leaves me completely
> bemused.  I click on "Set me up" and am told :

I'm sorry about the confusion. There are a few ways to access the latest
files. Probably the easiest is to click on "Files" and download the
latest one.

Technically, everything is split into versions, so you'd could also go
to the latest version (shortcut:
go to "Files" there, and download the one that is listed.

> (and
> -- completely off-topic -- why are sites such as "Bintray" so completely
> unintuitive in their interfaces) ?

I was actually wondering the same thing. I guess it makes sense for more
complex things, but in this case it is sort of overkill. However, it is
free and it plays nicely with the current automated build framework...


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