[texworks] Mac OS X: request for testing

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 16:19:56 CET 2016


I recently started playing with building TeXworks for Mac OS X (using
travis-ci.org). I finally succeeded in producing an app bundle, but
since I have no Mac I can't test it.

If you want to help (and have a Mac with OS X Mavericks (10.9) or
later), please go to
click on "Files" and download the dmg file listed there. It should
contain the TeXworks app bundle. Make sure TeXworks is not running
already and then start the newly downloaded TeXworks.

Things to check:
1) Scripts > Scripting... > About scripts should list Lua. If it says
"disabled", please enable it under Edit > Preferences... > Scripts >
Enable plugin scripting languages. Then run Scripts > Make bold (lua),
which should print "\textbf{}". If you have plugins disabled before,
disable them again in the preferences.

2) Download and open
in the new TeXworks - it should show a text message in different fonts
for reference)

3) Download and open
in the new TeXworks - it should show lots of Kanji ("Chinese")
characters. (see
for reference)

Finally, please send me a mail specifying
 * Your Mac OS X version
 * what worked / didn't work
 * in case TeXworks crashes (which I hope it doesn't), I believe you can
get additional details by clicking on "more details" or "report" or
something - that would be very helpful as well.

If this works, there is a pretty good chance to have a regularly
updated, recent version of TeXworks for Mac :).

Thanks in advance for you help,
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