[texworks] New PDF previewer code

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Feb 3 17:58:20 CET 2016

Stefan Löffler wrote:

> thanks for the suggestions. Different page layouts are already in the
> code, but not available yet in the user interface (this will come shortly).
> The other suggestions (a "back" button for links and a page grid) are
> very interesting, but will require a little more coding.

Very many thanks for agreeing to take these on board, Stefan.  But while 
I have your ear, may I add yet another ?  When opening a file from an 
existing TeXworks window, open the new file with the same size and 
placement as the one from which it has been opened.  My normal workspace 
layout is :

  o Master TeX file top left
  o Current XML file bottom left
  o PDF preview right.

Now, when I open the next XML file in sequence from the previous one, 
instead of adopting the sizing and positioning data of the current one, 
it opens to full height, and I then have to re-size it in  order to 
restore the visibility of the master TeX document.

It would be nice if Windows really supported tiled layouts properly, but 
that is off-topic here.

** Phil.

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