[texworks] Esoteric folder error on the latest version build

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 23:34:31 CET 2016


On 17.01.2016 23:22, Beuthe, Tatjana wrote:
> While checking that my spellcheck problem was indeed solved in the
> latest version of texworks,

Excellent :).

> I came across an extremely esoteric error on my Windows 7 system. It
> is as follows:
> Inside a folder called "test_latex - Copy" I have a latex file used
> for testing. For some reason, the latex file displays all syntax
> colors fine using the 2015 distro. However, switching to the latest
> build makes the colors disappear somehow. After some fiddling, I
> determined the problem did not lie within the test file, but within
> the name of the folder itself. If I changed the name of the folder to
> "test_latex-Copy", "test_latex- Copy" or "test_latex -Copy", (note the
> removal of some or all spaces in the folder name) the colors displayed
> properly when booted in the latest hotfix. In other words, the space
> dash space " - " combination in the folder name itself was causing
> texworks to go haywire in the latest build. And for some reason,
> making a further copy of the folder and its contents, called
> "test_latex - Copy - Copy" also fixed the problem. I have no idea what
> the issue is here, but it appears something in a folder name with only
> one " - " is causing the texworks system to error out.

Is the error with "test_latex - Copy" reproducible even after you got it
to work in the other folders? I'm asking because I just now fixed a
problem which caused syntax highlighting not to appear if there was no
specific user setting (i.e., in particular with new installations).
In any case, it would be great if you could test the latest version I
just uploaded.

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