[texworks] Texworks 2015 Windows auto spellcheck underline not working

David J. Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Sat Jan 16 00:38:29 CET 2016

I can confirm that something is going on here.  I tried most (not quite 
all) of the fonts that Tatjana mentioned.  I was able to get the red 
underlining to disappear with all of them, although in most cases I had 
to go four points larger than the sizes she mentioned.  With Times New 
Roman and Courier New, I had to go six points higher.    Could this be 
related to screen resolution?? This was on a Win7 laptop,  screen 1366 x 
768, using the version of TeXworks that is supplied with MikTeX (updated 
just a few days ago).

Best wishes,

On 1/15/2016 12:00 PM, Beuthe, Tatjana wrote:
> Greetings,
> As requested, I tested several frequently-used fonts.
> The results are as follows:
> Does not display red underlining in fonts of 13 pt or above:
> Fixedsys, MS Shell Dlg 2, Arial, Helvetica, Liberation sans, Trebuchet
> Does not display red underlining in fonts of 19 pt or above:
> Times New Roman.
> Does not display red underlining in fonts of 22 pt or above:
> Courier New
> Does this help?
> Tatjana Beuthe
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> Subject: Re: [texworks] Texworks 2015 Windows auto spellcheck underline not working
> Hi,
> thanks for testing.
> On 11.01.2016 23:26, Beuthe, Tatjana wrote:
>> Having tested the latest portable version, I have come to the conclusion that the problem lies with the font size with in the tex file editor window.
>> Fonts of 12 pt or under correctly display red underlining when an incorrect word is spelled. Any font size over 12 pt does not display red underlining.
> Interesting. From browsing the Qt bug tracker and some own
> experimentation, it seems that the positioning of the underline is
> font-dependent; if it ends up too low, it is clipped.
> So: can you try different fonts (from Format > Font...) and check if
> some of them show the underline?
>> Additionally in the 2015 version, when using a larger font, text highlighting does not appear immediately, but takes a few seconds to register. In other words, the texts starts out black for a few seconds before turning colorful. This appears to have been fixed in the portable version, but that may also be because the portable version is smaller and takes less time to load, so I don't know if it's really fixed or not.
> Yes, this is/was an issue with Qt's layout algorithm; it could happen
> that the normal text layout and the syntax highlighting interfered when
> run concurrently, producing "invisible" lines that could crash Tw. Work
> on this is still ongoing.
> Best,
> Stefan

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