[texworks] Texworks 2015 Windows auto spellcheck underline not working

Beuthe, Tatjana tatjana.beuthe.10 at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Jan 11 05:21:45 CET 2016

Like the individual posting in October, spellcheck is not working properly for me in Texworks 2015.
The symptoms are:

1) A windows 7 machine, with properly installed dictionary files in the

2) The proper English spelling dictionary is selected under the global options in Texworks.

3) When typing a word deliberately wrong in a saved document or in a new blank document,
such as the word "dayta", no red line appears under the word.

4) Right-clicking on the word shows that the spellchecker is, in fact, registering the word as wrong. However, the red line somehow refuses to appear.

Finally, I would like to note that aside from the person who wrote to this list in October,
there are also two other individuals with apparently similar, unanswered problems:


Consequently, it appears this problem may be relatively widespread.

Any thoughts on how to resolve it, or will I have to switch back to the 2014 distro?

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