[texworks] TeXWorks running successfully in an Android / Debian compatability layer

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 19:19:41 CET 2015

Hi Paul,

On 09.12.2015 04:59, Paul A Norman wrote:
> I can report that this works well even for quite complex documents.
> I have had to make a few adjustments/allowances for moving from MikTeX
> to TeXLive, but so far there have been no problems directly related to
> the Debian /over Android environment that TeXworks is operating under.
> So far everything seems to be catered for.
> All the TeXworks JavaScript scripts I have tried so far work as well,
> including the TexWorks script  Colour dialogue I have been using for
> years on the Windows version.
> Document compilation even on a 2013 Samsung note 10.1 Android
> progresses at a good pace, and memory allocation poses no problem even
> with the Debian/Android compatibility layer.

That's excellent! Thanks for trying and sharing!

I have been playing with the thought of attempting a "native" Android
build of Tw, but so far haven't followed up on it due to the lack of a
(native) TeX distro for Android (AFAIK, anyway). Hearing that there is a
way around is great!


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