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I work for the US Naval Observatory in the Nautical Almanac Office.  We have
for years used TeX and LaTeX packages to typeset our Almanac pages.  For the
last 10 or so years we've used PCTeX.  Now we need to switch away from PCTeX
and I've been tasked with investigating using MiKTeX/TeXworks to typeset our
pages.  I have a number of well tested pages from our Almanacs that I'm
attempting to typeset using TeXworks.  We usually use the Times New Roman
fonts with our pages and I've been trying to get XeLaTeX  to typeset a
sample page.  I've read through all the instructions I could find about
making sure the ptm Times New Roman fonts are available for use and I've
changed the initial font definitions we use to switch from what PCTeX call
their Times New Roman fonts to the ptm fonts.  The problem I'm encountering
when attempting to typeset my test page is the typesetter is complaining
that it can't find certain files; particularly, it can't find the p.cfg file
and the pt.cfg file.  Consequently, while I can force XeLaTeX to typeset the
file, it looks nothing like the final typeset page should look.  What am I
doing wrong?  Here is a set of lines from my prolog that I've inserted to
try to get the right fonts loaded:













We use Times New Roman fonts scaled as small as 6pt and as large as 12pt.
We also use bold fonts and italic fonts.  Some of the other pages use math
mode and Greek letters as symbols (although, for the test file I'm using,
only a large delta appears and that seems to be getting typeset).  As I'm
new to MiKTeX/TeXworks, it's likely that I've misunderstood how to invoke
the Times New Roman fonts.  If someone could help me figure out my font
problem, I'm sure it will go a good way towards me getting my files typeset.
BTW, my work email address is mark.stollberg at usno.navy.mil.  If someone
replies to this email during the week, my work email address would be the
best way to contact me.



Dr. Mark Stollberg

Nautical Almanac Office

Astronomical Applications Department

US Naval Observatory

Washington, DC  20396


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