[texworks] Alternative location for output PDF files (and, ideally, all non-source files)

Ignasi nignasi at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 12:26:12 CEST 2014

I think -output-directory=... will help you.


But this will break synctex



El 24/10/2014 a les 11:22, Philip Taylor ha escrit:
> To ensure that I can continue to work on an important project in the 
> event of computer failure, I have the source directory for this 
> projected rooted in my Dropbox directory.  Whilst this works well in 
> both backing up the sources to the cloud and (in the background) 
> downloading them to another computer, a great deal of resources are 
> wasted up backing up the resultant PDF file (50Mb) and a large number 
> (almost 250) of small adjunct files (.aux, .idx, .ind, .toc, .log, 
> .etc) at very frequent intervals (every time I re-compile the sources, 
> which is typically every few minutes).  Is there some way of 
> instructing TeXworks and/or XeTeX (whence copies to two lists) to keep 
> all of these files in an alternative directory that is not itself 
> rooted in the master source directory ?
> Philip Taylor

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