[texworks] Suggestions for the next TeXworks version

Lukas Császár lukas_csaszar at yahoo.de
Tue May 13 13:13:56 CEST 2014

Hello, TeXworks-team!

I use your editor ever since I started working with LaTeX.
Especially the customizable syntax-highlighting and auto-completion are 
features I am really fond of.

I have ideas for a new version of TeXworks and would like to share them 
with you:
(If this is the wrong address for suggestions, please forward accordingly!)

o) A list of labels that collects all labels a user has set (in a 
document/in all opened documents) to faciliate their use and to gain an 
overview. Additionally, a user-definable comment for each label in the 
list could be added to keep track of the elements they're referencing to.

o) An option (or hotkey) that puts marked content into curly braces (and 
places the cursor in front of the opening brace). This could be useful 
if one decides to precede code with a makro after it has been already 

o) Is it possible to include lookbehinds to the available regex features?

o) When using MikTeX, there's an pre-defined typesetting option that 
includes pdfLaTeX, BibTeX and MakeIndex. There is no such option for TeX 
Live. Is it possible that an upcoming TeXworks-version provides such a 
typesetting "script"?

o) Is it possible to include a "refresh"-button that updates the 
TeXworks-auto-completion files used in the current session, so that 
changes in the user-auto-completion files become available without 
closing and restarting the program? Furthermore, should this feature, in 
general, get more "attention" in the user-interface?

o) This one could be a "personal problem", but: In the Mac-version of 
TeXworks, scrolling in the pdf-preview is way too fast. Moving  a few 
millimeters on the touch pad in order to scroll covers tens of pages, 
which makes it impossible to navigate via touch pad. (Happend on two 
MacBooks so far.)

Feel free to ask, if it's not clear what I propose.
Please let me know, if these ideas find any approval.

Kind regards and in anticipation of a new TeXworks-version,
Lukas Császár

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