[texworks] How I can customize texworks ?

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Thu Feb 6 09:17:49 CET 2014


Le 5/02/2014 12:12, Malte Weber a écrit :
> Hello.
> I have the same problem. First i changed an existing command
> and nothing happened. Then I created a new auto completion
> command(acc) which was not accepted by TeXWorks. I tried
> turning TW on and off, even restarting the computer. Also I
> tried creating a new file --> tw-supplement.txt in order to
> have a list with just my auto complete functions. Then i
> tried adding my acc to the existing tw-latex.txt. The
> command i tried was --> dde:=\[ #INS# \]
> I addapted it from the existing command --> dd:=\( #INS# \)
> The main question is the same as for Yves Soulet, is it an
> version issue, I run MikTex 2.9 under Win7 with the build in
> TeXWorks. Is there a syntax issue?
> Secondary question on my end is whether or not one can
> overload an aac, i.e. dd gives the option of either (),[] or
> {} etc.
> Help will be greatly appreciated, since it will help to make
> my Thesis go digital much faster.
> Thanks.
> Malte

If I understand well you did try by adding dde:=\[ #INS# \] 
in tw-latex.txt from the completion folder of the resources 
folder of TeXworks.

If so, if you enter dde you get \[ #INS# \] with the cursor 
in place of #INS# and if you enter dd you get \( #INS# \), 
but also after a second [Tab] \( #INS# \) again after [Tab] 
[ #INS# \], because TeXworks looks for the codes commencing 
by dd and so finds dd and after that \dd and dde.

But if neither your dde and acc works, you should check if 
you do no have 2 Resources folders and modify the *not* used 
You are using mikTeX and mikTeX organizes the resource 
folders for the included programs.
If one uses a version of TeXworks installed by the user, the 
Resources folder is C:\Users\<yourname>\TeXworks
(for Windows 7, using TeXLive 2013, but this was the case 
way back some years, I am not using the internal TeXworks of 
TeXLive, if I do, TeXLive creates a Resources folder 

But mikTeX could have one in the miktex folder of program files.

For overloading you could create beside dd, dda, ddb, ddc, ddd.
Pay attention, not to use an existing keyword!

Hope this helps,


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