[texworks] How I can customize texworks ?

Malte Weber malteweber at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 5 12:12:51 CET 2014

I have the same problem. First i changed an existing command and nothing happened. Then I created a new auto completion command(acc) which was not accepted by TeXWorks. I tried turning TW on and off, even restarting the computer. Also I tried creating a new file --> tw-supplement.txt in order to have a list with just my auto complete functions. Then i tried adding my acc to the existing tw-latex.txt. The command i tried was --> dde:=\[ #INS# \]I addapted it from the existing command --> dd:=\( #INS# \)
The main question is the same as for Yves Soulet, is it an version issue, I run MikTex 2.9 under Win7 with the build in TeXWorks. Is there a syntax issue?Secondary question on my end is whether or not one can overload an aac, i.e. dd gives the option of either (),[] or {} etc.
Help will be greatly appreciated, since it will help to make my Thesis go digital much faster.

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