[texworks] Strange and annoying window focusing problem

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Wed Jan 30 09:04:56 CET 2013


Le 25/12/2012 04:24, David Woodfall a écrit :
> Sometimes while I'm typing focus will shift from the input
> section to
> the menu, as I'd pressed Alt or something. I'm using fluxbox
> as window
> manager but can't seem to find any setting that will stop this
> behaviour. I don't have problems with other apps. Anyone
> know about
> this and perhaps a remedy?
On which kind of machine are you working? Is it a laptop, 
with "keypad"(? I don't know how this square under the 
keyboard is called)?

If yes, isn't it that you have the mouse cursor in the 
preview and you touch this zone while typing?
It is a very annoying think; the solution is to put the 
cursor on the title line of the program window.

This was my 5 eurocents(:-) ) solution,



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