[texworks] Passing questions for which

Alain Delmotte alain.delmotte at leliseron.org
Wed Jan 30 08:40:47 CET 2013

I'd like to have answer.


 From the mikTeX discussion list.
I do not use gvim, but it happends that I modify externaly 
(not often, I prefer TeXworks :-) ).


Dear Group,

I edit in gvim (old habits ...) but have TeXworks open (2 windows,
usually: source and PDF output).  When each session starts, TeXworks
realizes that the .tex file has changed when I write to the source
file from gvim, but at some point in every session, it stops paying
attention.  Then, it seems to me, I have to close TeXworks and start
it anew.  I've looked for a 'refresh' button/menu choice, but I
haven't found one.  Is there a 'refresh from file' action?

Would it be hard to write a 'refresh' script?

Is there a version of TeXworks available for download that has Python
available for scripting; my copy has QtScript and Lua, but I hadn't
planned on learning another scripting language just now . . .

Thanks, everyone.  MikTeX/TeXworks is becoming essential software, IMHO.

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