[texworks] ConTeXt (pdfTeX) and PSTricks

Juan Leal juanmlealg at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 24 12:14:34 CET 2013

I have installed the Help_LaTeX2e ver 0.55 script following Paul 

Unzip to any (new) directory under you TeXworks script directory.
Then use Tw Menu item, Scripts/Scripting TeXworks/Reload Scripts List
First, if you want to - in the Tw Editor, select some text, a full 
command, or partial text that you want to search for help on. (Double 
clicking a LaTeX command name will select it for you.)
While in your editing document Hold down the Alt Key and before 
releasing it, tap the F1 and then the 2 keys, than release the Alt key.

But it does not work. I select, for example, \bigskip command and only 
obtain the following message in the status bar

Script "Help LaTeX2e": ReferenceError: Can´t find variable: _FILE_

Could anybody tell me what is wrong and how to make it work?


Juan M. Leal G.

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