[texworks] ConTeXt (pdfTeX) and PSTricks

Juan Leal juanmlealg at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 20 22:07:30 CET 2013

Hi everybody out there.
Sorry if I am out of topic; it is my first post to this list. As you'll 
see, English is not my first language and I am not quite an expert in 
TeX things.

I have installed MiKTeX 2.9 and I am trying to use TeXworks to compile 
some .tex samples I received.

1) One of them requires ConTeXt (pdfTeX), but a message says that 
texexec.exe is not found. Does MiKTeX 2.9 include this engine? If not, 
could you please tell me how to obtain and install it?

2) Another is wrote for LaTeX but has some plain TeX instructions in the 
preamble and  neither pdfLaTeX, nor pdfTeX, read them. What TeX engine 
should I use?

3) Is it possible to compile PSTricks commands with pdfLaTeX? . What TeX 
engine should I use?


Juan M. Leal G.

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